TECTERRA is a geospatial technology innovation support centre that supports the Canadian development and commercialization of geomatics technologies. The first centre of its kind, TECTERRA works with industry, entrepreneurs, researchers, and government affiliates to enable the use of geospatial technologies in addressing local, national and global challenges.

TECTERRA has a unique privilege to see innovative technologies in their infancy, and disruptive waves of change before they begin to occur. To recognize and celebrate the brightest and best in technology development, TECTERRA presents six awards for outstanding achievement in the Canadian geospatial community including Company of the year, Influencer of the Year Startup of the Year, Woman of Impact, Most Disruptive Technology, and Student Leadership in Geospatial.

WOMAN of IMPACT – This award is simple – it honours the women who have made significant accomplishments for their industries, and are sought out as respected advisors, mentors and leaders within the field of geospatial. This category is open to any inspirational woman, at any level of her career, who is doing remarkable things. Tarin’s Kim Koons was nominated for leading change, inspiring the community and trying new things in todays changed world.

“Kim is a business owner, technology expert and mentor; her work on capstone projects, fostering innovation through strategic alliances, and supporting students entering the field shows unparalleled leadership in the geospatial community. Kim Koons is the owner of Tarin Resources, a company that provides access, analysis, and custom solutions utilizing their comprehensive aerial imagery and LiDAR database.

Kim started with the company in 2003, became its General Manager in 2015 and purchased it in 2017. Kim surprisingly ended up in the field because of her love of photography. “When I started university, I enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program and I hated my physical geography course – so much so that I failed it. A few years later I decided to try an aerial photography class because it had the word “photography” in the name and I never looked back!” During her career, she has worked with photogrammetric shops, aerial photo companies and has taught GIS (Geographic Information System) and photogrammetry at SAIT.

Kim has built a culture at Tarin that consists of hard work, fair pay, equal opportunity, flexibility, openness, innovation, ideas, respect, leadership, and support. Tarin employs a team of individuals all working towards a common goal and has expanded from 2 to 6 team members since 2015. In addition, Tarin has grown from supplying basic geospatial data to include geographic information systems (GIS) and custom mapping services with great success…” continue to full article.