INTRODUCING MY GEOHUB – Unleash the power of your geospatial data

The Innovation

You asked for it, we built it. Understanding our clients needs drove the innovation behind Tarin’s My GeoHub and we are very excited to introduce this NEW service. My GeoHub is a secure data centre and web mapping service that helps organizations manage their geospatial data. It’s like a big, safe place on the internet where you can store all your maps and location data and look at them whenever you want. It’s really powerful and can handle a lot of information, so you never have to worry about running out of space. It was developed by our really smart GeoWizards who know A LOT about geospatial data, and we want to help other people use their data in the best way possible. With My GeoHub, you can use your maps to help your Team get things done quickly and easily.

The Use Cases

My GeoHub is an easy to use, comprehensive, geospatial data storage and visualization service which can benefit many industries and is the perfect solution for any organization with:

  • Big data challenges
  • Recurring data collection
  • Remote data sharing needs
  • GIS requirements



Unleash the power of your geospatial data with these key features:

Canada hosted

Multi-grade security to meet industry and compliance regulations

Fast (1GB fibre) access with redundancy

24/7 access with 95% uptime

WMS/WMTS software integration

User friendly online visualization application

Easy to understand competitive pricing

One-on-one customer support

Custom solutions available

The Pricing

Listening to our clients drove not only the innovation surrounding My GeoHub, but also the pricing structure. We removed the complexity and expensiveness offered from other data hosting providers, making My GeoHub one of the easiest to understand, competitively priced geospatial data management services available today.

  • Start with our STORE IT & STREAM IT packages with My GeoHub’s secure data centre and WMS starting as low as $100/month. Additional one time onboarding costs apply.
  • Our SEE IT package offers WMS visualization with My GeoHub’s online mapping option for only $50/user/month.
  • And for added value you can subscribe to receive GIS Services from our Team of trusted GeoWizards.


Discover the power of My GeoHub with a free online demo today.

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