How To Successfully Outsource Your GIS Department

Keeping up with the ever-changing world of geospatial data and technology is no easy task. We should know! Our entire business is built upon it. In just two decades we have witnessed major advancements in information technology. Everything from how data is collected, stored and shared has changed. Cloud based technologies and web app delivery mechanisms have fundamentally transformed our entire industry.

Although the evolution of technology has in some ways made people’s lives easier, it has also created hurdles for industries that feel challenged to stay up to date. Hardware, software and brainware (trained tech-savvy staff), not to mention the office space required all come at a cost. Which makes retaining a Geospatial or GIS Department no longer practical. However, just because having a Geospatial Department in-house is no longer feasible, that does not mean it is out of your reach.

Mapping and GIS outsourcing can be a smart approach to capitalizing on technological advancements. The concept of outsourcing ie. hiring another company to be responsible for an activity that could be done internally is not new. In fact, it is becoming more common as many industries strive to remain competitive while concentrating on reducing and controlling operating costs.

There are several components to consider before outsourcing Geospatial Services, and while the bottom line holds most of the weight, there are many factors every business should consider.

Can I expect the same quality of products and services?

How can I ensure we remain in control of our assets?

Do I still have 24/7 access to my information?

What about data security?

The success of any outsourcing strategy comes from two major factors. Communication and Trust.

Communication – It’s more than just talking, it’s about connecting. Establishing a culture of good communication is key for any business strategy and is especially true when hiring an outside company to manage any part of your business. No one knows your business better than you. Clarity concerning company objectives and strategic vision are essential to the success of outsourcing.

Trust – The foundation to a successful outsourcing partnership is trust. The ability to quickly establish and build trust can come from communication, history and word of mouth. Any outsourcing contractor should be able to answer all your questions and concerns, they should make you feel comfortable that they understand your business goals and objectives and open communication should be a priority.

GIS Services NOW available – Since 1994 you have trusted Tarin to deliver the best products and services that today’s technology can offer. We take pride in working together and being able to help you and your business thrive, as well as hopefully make your job just a little bit easier. Tarin’s Geo-wizards are ready to support your business by delivering the best quality and customizable GIS and Mapping Services available today.

Collaborating with Tarin’s team of experts, we will create, manage and maintain your data long-term using ArcGIS Online. You can trust us to manage your data properly and privately. You will have access to your data any time anywhere, and so can your subcontractors. Our Geo-wizards are trained experts with 50 years of combined experience. They are always available to provide support and guidance – Problem solving is what gets us up in the morning.

Do more with less – If you are ready to reduce and control operating costs, free up resources and focus on growth then outsourcing your Geospatial Department may be right for you. For more information on our products and services, please contact us. Together using Tarin GIS Services we can shape the future!