What is Geospatial Tech?

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Interactive Web Maps
  • Custom Mapping
  • Data Streaming
  • Subscription Services
  • 3D Visualization Software
  • Web Based Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning and Neural Networks

What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) uses a variety of data to create static, digital, and interactive mapping products. Spatial data is collected from a number of different sources such as engineering plans, GPS acquisition, and even paper products. This information is used by various departments in their daily operations, for planning, analysis, managing infrastructure, monitoring change, or identifying problems.

GIS Services we offer


GIS utilizes different kinds of data layers that use spatial location, such as imagery, LiDAR, topographic features, and spreadsheets.


Understanding and interpreting data gives you a new perspective for decision-making. It is useful when trying to understand location relationships and detecting patterns. Analysis is a gateway into insight.


Special purpose maps can be created as needed. From single maps to map books or even digital mapping that you can take anywhere. We can create custom maps for your reports.


Apps provide a collaborative workspace for all of your data needs. Integration of Data, Analysis and Maps are all used together to allow you to effectively plan and make decisions quickly. Totally mobile to take into the field, never be without the data you need again.


Don’t want to manage all your data? Stream the most up-to-date imagery directly into your workflow. Tarin offers both Aerial and Satellite streaming services, eliminating the need to manage your own data. This allows you to analyze your data in context with the surrounding area over a highly detailed image.